Mexico Citizenship by Investment – 2022 application guidelines

Obtain Citizenship by Investment in Mexico

Updated on Wednesday 10th August 2022

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If you are an investor who wants to carry out business in Mexico in 2022, you must obtain an investor visa first. The Mexico investor visa enables you to engage in commercial activities related to your business and influences your eligibility for permanent residence.
Mexico is the 3rd largest country in Latin America that offers foreign investors a relatively secure and stable business environment.  For this purpose, immigration to Mexico is quite sought by foreign entrepreneurs.
The Foreign Investment Law of 1993 governs the foreign investments in Mexico; under this law, the locals and foreign investors receive the same legal treatment.
As an investor, you can avail the opportunity of Mexico citizenship by investment.
If you want to benefit from Mexico’s large internal market and an extensive network of free trade agreements (FTAs), you can rely on the legal services of our Mexican lawyers.
In addition, the services of our experienced lawyers will help you acquire Mexico citizenship by investment.
Along with the citizenship matter, our lawyers can also help you in other legal matters, such as debt collection in Mexico.
 Quick Facts  
  Nationalities accepted (EU/Non-EU)


Business investment option (YES/NO)


Real estate investment option (YES/NO)

Other investment options
(if available) 
Exchange Traded Funds
American depository receipts 
Living requirement in Mexico  (YES/NO) No
Residence or direct citizenship option


Direct immigration with family members (YES/NO)


Family members allowed to join the program Yes
Residence visa/citizenship processing time (approx.)   10 – 15 working days
Additional financial requirements for family members (YES/NO)  No
Timeframe for obtaining citizenship/residency by investment  Around 3 months
Dual citizenship permitted (YES/NO) Yes
Reasons to choose Mexico  Stable macro economy
Attractive investment incentives
Close proximity with some of the world's largest consumer markets
Personal income tax rate Flat rate of 25% of the gross proceeds or 35% of the net gain.
Visa free travel to other countries (approx. number of countries)  Over 150 countries

How to get a Mexico investor visa in 2022?

If you plan to stay in Mexico for business purposes for a period greater than 180 days and for up to 4 years, you must obtain an investor visa.
The Mexico investor visa will allow you to live, work, and also have an option of qualifying for permanent residence. The process of obtaining a Mexico investor visa implies: 1) requesting an appointment with a Mexican consulate and 2) filling in the application form with all correct information.
A 3rd step would be to submit the necessary documents, and pay the application fee.
For obtaining Mexico citizenship by investment, the following documents are required to check the financial status of the investor:
  • documentation that proves fixed assets or real estate of owner must be equivalent to at least MXN 2,464,400;
  • documentation that certifies the development of a business or economic activities in Mexico;
  • the authenticity of documents may be proven through business plans, service orders, contracts, invoices, or proof issued by the Mexican Social Security Institute indicating the employment of a minimum of 3 workers;
  • a document that proves that the foreign investor participates in the capital stock of a company established in the country or a deed legalized before a notary public shows a company's constitution in Mexico - the investment amount must be greater than MXN 2,464,400.
Th review and approval of these documents can take up to 2 days. After that, you can get legal backing from our lawyers. They will help you obtain Mexico citizenship by investment. We can also advise on other ways related to immigration to Mexico.

What is the procedure after the approval of documents?

The Mexican consulate will grant a provisional visa once your submitted documents get approval. The provisional visa will allow you to enter the country and continue the visa application process for a Mexico investor visa.
You may pay a government fee with an approximate cost between $2,200 and $5,000, depending on the length of stay requested in the country. This process can take up to 3 days.
Next, you must visit the INM office, where you will be fingerprinted and issued a temporary residence permit, and this process may take up to 4 weeks to complete.
After getting a Mexico investor visa, you can apply for permanent residency if you expect to live and work in Mexico beyond 4 years. Again, the process for permanent residence may take up to 6 months to complete.
If you are interested in acquiring Mexico citizenship by investment in 2022, get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Mexico.
Our Mexican attorneys will provide you with legal assistance throughout the process.

What are the advantages of the investor visa in Mexico? 

Although this visa will not automatically imply that a foreigner will receive the Mexico citizenship by investment, the visa program definitely can open the legal pathway to this right, if the foreigner will still be interested in taking the legal steps for citizenship
Through this program, the foreigner will have a set of advantages. The 1st advantage when applying for Mexico citizenship by investment, is that the foreigner will have the right to maintain his or her 1st nationality, as Mexico recognizes dual citizenship. 
Generally speaking, most of the countries provide the right to dual citizenship and this can be attained as long as the law applicable in the home country of the foreigner allows dual citizenship
The 2nd important advantage is given by the fact that the investor has the right to bring his or her close family members (spouse and children) to live in Mexico. This is a typical right that foreigners have when applying for an investment visa
Other advantages are: 3) the investor is not required to know the Spanish language in order to be eligible, 4) the value of the qualifying investment is the same regardless if the investor will come here alone or with the family
A 5th advantage is that permanent residency can be acquired in a period of 48 months (or 4 years) and the process for Mexico citizenship by investment can be started after 60 months (or 5 years). 
Once granted the citizenship, the investor will be allowed to apply for a Mexican passport, issued by the local institutions. With this passport, the investor, who will now be considered a Mexican national, will have the right to travel visa-free in 142 countries.  
It is also important to know that this visa program does not impose a minimum number of days to stay in Mexico in order to benefit from the visa. 
However, those who want to attain permanent residency have to spend at least 180 days per year in this country, in order to maintain the eligibility criteria, which will be assessed at the end of the period and when the foreigner can apply for permanent residency. 
There are many benefits in becoming a Mexican citizen, including tax benefits, the right to vote or get elected in all elections, permanent residency with a Panama Friendly Nations visa, and dual citizenship. It also does not impose any requirement to live in Mexico.  
If you have any queries regarding what other benefits a Mexico investor visa offers, you can get the assistance of our lawyers. They will also assist you in opening a business in this country.

Gross domestic product (GDP) of Mexico

It is the best time to apply for Mexico citizenship by investment because the stable GDP and friendly international relations are indicating toward better economic health of the country, for example:
  • in 2019, the GDP of Mexico was USD 1,268.87 billion;
  • in 2020, the outbreak of Covid-19 caused a little drop in the GDP of Mexico, but it still managed to be at  USD 1,076.16 billion;
  • in 2021, Mexico’s GDP was expected to rise to USD 1,192.48 billion.
For the procedure of acquiring Mexico citizenship by investment in 2022, you are welcomed to contact us.
Our immigration lawyers in Mexico will provide you strong legal backing in acquiring citizenship.

Can foreign investors hire foreign workforce in Mexico? 

Yes. Once the foreign investor has set up a business in Mexico, regardless if he or she will start the procedure for Mexico citizenship by investment, the businessowner can hire workforce.
There are certain obligations in this sense, especially if the foreign investor has decided to hire foreign workforce, represented by employees who are not Mexican residents
Although in other countries there aren’t any special rules regarding the employment of foreign workforce, in Mexico there is a maximum threshold of foreign employees that a company can hire. 
The law, as per the provisions of the Article 7 of the Federal Labor Law, requires companies operating in Mexico to hire a maximum of 10% of foreign employees, calculated from the total workforce of the company. 
The percentage of 10% foreign workforce and 90% Mexican workforce is applicable for most of the situations, but it does refer to the managerial or senior position structures of the company.  
Our law firm in Mexico can provide more information on how to hire foreign workforce and how to apply for the necessary immigration documents that the foreign employees will need. 
The employment law in Mexico has recently been modified so that it can address the needs of the current market, especially in the events during and post Covid-19. 
Thus, foreign businessmen who want to provide telework opportunities to their employees have a legal framework under which they can do this. 
The Federal Labor Law was amended on 12 January 2021, providing a set of rules for both the employer and the employee. The law states that the company has the obligation to provide the necessary work means for the employee. 
Besides these legal services our lawyers can provide you legal advice regarding power of attorney in Mexico. Please contact our team of Mexican lawyers for more details on any immigration matter that is of your interest.